Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit – FDU-3500

Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit – FDU-3500

Thuraya’s Fixed Docking Unit is a home/office docking adaptor that allows the usage of Thuraya satellite mobile phones in indoor environments. ThurayaFDU -3500 complements the Thuraya phones by extending its operation and functionalities to the comfort of homes and offices.
The new ThurayaFDU-3500 has been designed as a state-of-the-art device that complements the new Thuraya SO-2510 and Thuraya SG-2520 in design, features, and function. The unit functionality is simple and user-friendly.
Simply dock the Thuraya phones into the designated slot of the ThurayaFDU-3500, and all the standard satellite-based services such as voice, fax, data and new supplementary services like internet connectivity (i.e. GmPRS) are available indoors.
Benefits :

  • Allows Thuraya handsets to be used in an indoor environment
  • Compact design, easy to install and operate
  • Compatible with Thuraya SO-2510 and Thuraya SG-2520 handsets
  • ThurayaFDU-3500 facilitates recharging Thuraya SO-2510 and Thuraya SG-2520 phones while they are docked, without the disruption of a call or data transmission.
  • Supports Internet services (GmPRS) with a USB port or DTE
    (Downlink: up to 60 Kbps/Uplink: up to 15 Kbps)
  • Supports data services at a speed of up to 9.6 kbps
    (circuit switched)
  • Supports group 3 analog fax machines and PC fax at a speed of 9.6 kbps
  • Supports high-quality voice transmission via an auxiliary handset, speakerphone or regular extension telephone.

Package Contents

  • ThurayaFDU-3500
  • User Guide
  • Auxiliary Handset
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Wall Mounting Adapter
  • Standard Handset Battery
  • USB Data Cable
  • USB Driver CD
  • RJ 11 Cable
  • SAT Antenna and Cable (25m)
  • GPS Antenna and Cable (25m)


Name Quantity Rate VAT (13%) Total
FDU-3500 1 84070.80 10929.20 95000